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This is the website of the Kukadze'eta Towncrier, our Laguna Community Newspaper.

We encourage and accept articles, letters, poetry, short stories, commentaries, artwork, and photos from the community.

By contributing information the Kukadze'eta Towncrier is truly your community newspaper.

Submissions may be mailed to the address above or dropped off at the the following locations:
  • Laguna Tribal Mailroom (at the Laguna Tribal Building)
  • Laguna CHR office
  • Laguna Public Library
Submissions are due 8 days before end of the month, and may be edited for length and/or content.

Laguna Pueblo members who are living away from the community can subscribe by sending $25 to the address above.  Please make the check or money order to Kukadze'eta Towncrier.

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  •   Sarah Whitmore
  • Kukadze'eta Board Members
  •   Annette Nunez
Board Members
  • Bob Comer
  • Ramona Dillard
  • Will Kie
  • Bob Tenequer, Jr.
  • Liz Wacondo

Responsibility for the views and accuracy of the paper's content rest with the individual contributing authors and artists.

The Kukadze'eta Towncrier is supported by the Chamisa Foundation, Pueblo Cultural Center, Laguna Development Corporation, Pueblo of Laguna Community Members, and Local Businesses.

If you would like to make an individual donation to help support the ongoing publication of the Kukadze'eta Towncrier, please send your donation to the address above.

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